HomeopathyOne encourages the health seekers to consult a professional homeopath for better outcomes from treatment.

Often to the health queries on social media platforms, I generally recommend the individuals to consult a professional Homeopathic doctor. Recently one of my answers to a post received a reply from an individual who was disappointed with Homeopathy and stated that, “Honestly I haven’t come across any professional homeopath yet. All is about money not the patient anymore.”

I empathise with the gentleman’s experience, and  would like to remind that, “All fingers are not equal.”

Define the Difference

This answer and the views of the critics of Homeopathy made me realise the need to pen down few words to define and bring out the difference among the practitioners. As I believe that somewhere a kind of Homeopaths are responsible for its current situation where Homeopathy has not been given its rightful importance and value in the opportunistic times.

Understanding of the word “Professional” when suffixed to “Homeopath”

What does it mean when we suffix the word professional to Homeopath?

The word Professional talks about certain qualities in an individual, the presence of which, distinguish them from the rest.

Professional homeopathic physician at HomeopathyOne finds that one substance that matches the patient at that given point of time.

Let us list out the qualities that makes Homoeopath a professional

And since they are intangible they can be perceived and experienced by the patient or the person interacting with them.

Conscientiousness –

The tendency to be responsible, organised, hard-working, goal-directed, and to adhere to norms and rules.

Ability and Willingness to learn continuously –

Keeping abreast to the advances in the field for the benefit of their patients/clients which requires untiring efforts.

Unprejudiced –

Free from natural bias, non-factual opinions and corporate influence.

Skilled –

Using evidence, method, intuition as well as other subjective and objective tools to analyse, assess and provide the most effective treatment.

Professional homeopath leads a healthy life himself and thus leads his patients by own example.

Awareness and Self Motivated –

Aware about own strengths and weaknesses and ability to reflect on one’s own work, figures out what they need to do, takes responsibility of own actions and performs the best, without any supervision, at all times.

Lives and promotes a Healthy Lifestyle –

Choosing Healthy Lifestyle and proactively emphasise the benefits of staying healthy to the patients/clients. Preserving the health in the first place. Leads by Example!

Empathetic and Humane –

Validates the pain, listens to the problem, tries to understand the suffering and communicates accordingly. Caring and Compassionate.


Professionalism is knowing how to do it, when to do it, and doing it.

What does the professional homeopath do differently

Professionals are those, who strive to give the best possible results to their patients, even if it requires to refer the patients to a fellow physician. Coz the goal is to cure the curable cases before they progress and become incurable, doesn’t matter if I do or you do. And to be able to do this one has to be AWARE. Here, in this profession time is life!

Conscientious Homeopathic Physician

A professional Homeopath is a Conscientious Homeopathic Physician. One who understands and practices every principle of Homeopathy as laid by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann across years in his works. Who has knowledge as given in various aphorisms in Organon. Prescribes thoroughly proved drugs only. Uses one medicine at a time. Is Genuine, Reliable and Conscientious. Such a physician is beneficial to science and patients.


Preparation of high quality homeopathic medicine following the direction and research of the founder.

When we refer to these qualities it automatically implies to

Classical Homeopathy, often called “Hahnemannian Homeopathy,” which again is based on all the healing principles laid out by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann across years in his works.

Classical Homeopathy uses one substance at a time, prepared in Homeopathic form, to treat a patient.

The Classical Homeopath is like a detective who must find that substance for each patient at that given point of time.

Unprofessional qualities
  • Abstraction, Negligence, heedlessness, ignorance
  • Lassitude, Apathy, Indolence – Skips the learning process whenever possible
  • Prejudiced
  • Amateur, Unskilled
  • Indifferent, Vagueness, unaware and unmotivated
  • Unhealthy life choices
  • Brutal, barbarous and Inhumane
Common Prescriber

One who does not follow the principles of Homeopathy. Prescribes partly known and unknown drugs. Uses more than one medicine at a time. Thus, is  Detrimental to Science and Patients.

Non-Classical approaches mix and match and generally use more than one medicine at a time.


Professional Homeopath = Conscientious Homeopathic Physician = Classical Homeopath.

And the opposite is Unprofessional Homeopath = Common Prescriber = Non-Classical (all other variations).


Take the first step to transform your health, by requesting an appointment with a professional homeopath, today!

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