practical guidance

Practical Guidance

Practical Guidance improves the skills of the Homeopath. Whether you are an intern, beginning your practice or already practising. Consequently it also improves the patient outcomes of cases. Ever wondered, how some homeopaths get rapid and permanent results even in seemingly difficult or tangled cases. The key here lies in the case taking skills of the Homeopath.

We offer you this practical guidance from our experience of handling variety of cases. From Acutes to Chronic, from Local to Systemic, from Single to Multi-Miasmatic. Cases that are beyond the reach of other systems of medicine. Of long standing duration wherein the patient has forgotten the origin of disease process. And the whole organism is in a state of disorder.

Practical Guidance provides you a hands on learning experience. The case taking skills required for different types of cases. Which in turn improves your patient outcomes and increases your success rate.

As a physician, at the end of the day it’s not how many patients we see. But the number we cure and improve lives matters us the most.

For a true Hahnemannian Homeopath, Each case is Unique.

Practical Guidance of HomeopathyOne, assists you in developing your case taking skills required as per the Changing Times and Cases.

Practical Guidance at HomeopathyOne develops and improves the skills of Homeopathic Practitioner.


Practice Beginners



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Beginners form precise practice skills through Live Supervision. They learn approaches and strategies required for a successful Homeopath. From basic to advanced techniques of case taking. Beginner connects to their cases with more understanding. And develops ability to perceive whether they are heading in the proper direction. Homeopathic Principles gets rooted in their practice from day one.

Homeopathic Practitioners need to improvise their case taking skills with the changing times and emergence of new diseases. The approach and strategy needs to be modified, an observant third person here can analyse and suggest for better methods in a given case. The learnings helps the Homeopathic practitioner to apply the develop effective strategies of approach to case taking in various types of cases.

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Practical Guidance

Live Supervision

Live Supervision

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120 Minutes
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Live Supervision

Whether you are beginning the practice or wishing to improve your practice skills. We are here for you. This service is focused on the Beginner and Homeopathic Practitioner or Physician. We attend your live case with you silently as an observer. At this time we analyse your skills, being completely unprejudiced.
As a result we are able to provide effective solutions and step by step guidance to improve your case taking skills. Which in turn helps you to improve your patient outcomes. All along we gently guide you and applaud you for your efforts and achievements. We help you build your skills and confidence to practice Classical Homeopathy

To be noted

You need to take your patient's consent beforehand for us to join the live session of first time case taking in every case. Live Supervision is only for the new patient and first time cases. And is not a replacement of case taking physician or case review session.
Live supervision is physician centred and is not for case analysis or first prescription. We do Not attend follow ups in Live Supervision as the patient has already formed a rapport by then and most of history is already taken.
In case you wish to improve your follow up skills, you can choose mentoring sessions as per your queries and requirement.
We do not ask for your patient details.

Some Common Questions Answered

As you might be aware that a Well taken Case is Half the Battle Won! And a good homeopathic practice starts and grows with Effective Homeopathic Case Taking Skills.

We want you to be the best Hahnemannian Homeopath that you can be and hence we are providing this Basic Skill Development.

As the word suggests live supervision is where an experienced Homeopath supervises the beginner. This is done when the beginner is taking a case. The feedback is provided after the session is supervised. Live supervision improves the case-taking skills of the beginner.

Live Supervision is mostly for the Practice Beginner Homeopaths.

We are open to every Homeopathic practitioner who wishes to find insights and improvise their case taking skills.

Once you book a live supervision session and have taken the consent of your patient, we join your case taking. While you take the case, we silently observe the whole process.

  • We focus on your practical application of Homeopathic case taking relevant to the current case and changing times.
  • We help you to develop a precise skills required for Effective Homeopathic Practice.
  • We discuss the finer details hidden within, which no one talks of.
  • We keep it simple yet clear.

We are here to observe you, guide you and empower you toward being the Best Hahnemannian Homeopath you can be!

You can choose from available durations of 60 min or 120 min, depending on the case for which you are availing the supervision of yourself. We also have facility to add extra time in 10, 20, or 30 minutes while booking the appointment.

Some cases require an hour, some an hour and half, some take two and some may go up to two and a half, depending on how chronic the case is and the approach you take.

No, there are no hidden charges. It is session based and straightforward.

It’s an opportunity of learning hands on, the secrets of effective practice from day one.

  1. what to apply
  2. when to apply
  3. how to apply

It is a journey of our shared discovery of Hahnemannian Homeopathy.

Eager to be better

we're here for you



All the services mentioned above guide the Homeopathic practitioner with any questions that they may have in their practice. Any suggestions should be cross checked with basic sources of knowledge on the fundamental laws of Homeopathy. The full responsibility of the consent lies with the concerned Homeopathic practitioner.

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