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The evolution of core principles of Homeopathy is listed here for the reference of human health seekers. Knowing how precise the laws are and how one law took another in line to form the fundamentals of Homeopathic medicine.
Nature works on mathematical equanimity of principles which we explore and try to understand from observations of natural processes. From thence we derive its application which stands the test of time.

The Homeopathic Law of Similia

The Homeopathic Science is based on the Applied form of Nature’s Law of Cure.

“Similia Similibus Curentur” – let likes be treated with likes.

The presentation of a disease is treated with the medicine which has produced similar presentation during its proving on healthy human beings. The disease and the medicine are different but their presentation on the human organism are similar or analogous. For e.g.: A child has itchy runny nose with soreness and burning with runny eyes. When Homeopathic doctor, sees this child, he prescribes Allium Cepa (a Homeopathic medicine). Which produced the same symptoms while it was proved on Healthy human beings. The source of child’s illness could be a Virus or an allergen, which is totally different from the source of the medicine, given to the child. 


Nature’s Law of Cure was tested by proving Crude drug substances on Healthy Human Beings. During this process each drug substance had a unique pattern of symptoms. Upon enquiry it was discovered that each patient had unique set of symptoms. When this uniqueness was matched and the medicines were prescribed, the results were good. Since then Individualization is at the core of all prescribing in Homeopathy.

The Law of Simplex

Only one drug or medicine should be given at a time as per the core principle.

This law came into force due to the Individuality / uniqueness of each drug that was proved and the Individuality / uniqueness of each patient in diseased state. While matching the symptoms of the patient in order to find a medicine with the records of drugs proved on healthy human beings, it was observed that there used to be only one drug that used to cover majority of the symptoms given by the patient. Hence the prevalent practise of physicians, giving many drugs was questioned. They were made aware that we as physicians can prescribe just one single appropriate drug.  The one that covers majority of the patient’s symptoms. Such an appropriate drug is called Similimum for that patient at that time in that presentation of disease. Only after a thorough working of the patient’s case history this single medicine is selected.

The Law of Minimum

Minimum amount of drug should be given at all times.

In order to heal gently, (without causing side effects or aggravation) one needs to give the dose as small as possible as but big enough to produce slightly stronger primary action of the medicine. The Homeopathic medicines are not only diluted but also potentized. The selection of potency and repetition is done by your Homeopathic doctor / practitioner based on assessment of many minute details you provide during your case history session.


Being a renowned and brilliant chemist, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was able to arrive at this process. He diluted the medicinal substance based on the chemistry scales, but improved the process by combining succussion at each level. When this potentized drugs were proved on healthy subjects including himself, the symptoms produced were of wider array and deeper in dimension.

Therefore, Potentization is the process which arouses the latent powers of the drug substance, while reducing the material drug. Even those natural substances which has no action in their crude form (such as silica = sand, etc) were able to produce visible effects on the human organism in their potentized form. Different potencies have different dimensions of action. A certain potency acts more at one level and less at other levels. Hence potency selection is the next crucial step to have effects in desired intensity and dimension.

The Vital Force

It is life itself.

This Vital Force or Vital Energy is the life principle. The difference between the alive and dead. Different cultures name it differently. It is what the Chinese call “Chi” and the Indians call “Prana”. It is still not understood precisely by the scientists yet we can perceive and experience it. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann after research of 23 years inferred the vital force as the center of action. He also outlined the perceptible qualities of the Vital Force.

The Fundamental Causes

This are the Genes, themselves.

Homeopathy permanently cured the acute diseases. But in chronic diseases of non-infectious nature, the treatment used to give relief. And the diseases would either recur or modify themselves, illuding to be a totally new disease. Inability to cure them permanently due to fewer number of homeopathic medicines proved was not an excuse for Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. As a scientist, he set out to find the reason. During the years of his research on the true nature of chronic diseases, he compiled his observations. It took him Seven years to infer that there are causes which are fundamental to the human organism.

These fundamental causes are responsible for the rise and development of the chronic diseases. When the supporting situations and emotions are experienced. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann termed them from the Greek word “Miasm” meaning taint or fault. Hippocrates was the first physician to use the term “Miasm”.

After 123 years, in 1951 this Miasm (fault / taint) was recognised as genetic predisposition.

Dr. Hering's Guiding Principle

The human organism’s life principle follows a specified route during the process of healing.

This is followed even in the absence of medical intervention. These insights are useful no matter what treatment (conventional or natural) one uses. As they are the basic or core behaviour of the life principle. Dr. Constantine Hering observed this phenomena in multitude of cases during the treatment process. Every homeopath precisely witnesses this phenomena, till date. The phenomena is observed either singly or in step-ladder form. The Routes that Life Principle follows are as under :


Above Downwards

The symptoms will move from upper parts of the body towards the lower parts of the body. A headache may subside and a rash or ache or some other sensation or symptom appears somewhere on lower body.


Within Outwards

Here, the mental or emotional symptoms will decrease, while more superficial physical symptoms may arise or increase. This is also known as Exteriorisation of disturbance. It is a welcome sign.


Saving Important

From a more important organ to a less important one. The vital organs like the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, bones, etc will experience a reduction, while symptoms on skin, hair, etc may arise or increase.


Reverse Time Travel

In the reverse order of their Appearance. A patient will re-experience symptoms, that were either previously suppressed or never fully cured, temporarily as a way to finally get cured permanently.

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