Biological Research on DNA, Vital Force and Efficacy of Homeopathic treatment based on the unique concepts.

The concepts of health and disease in Homeopathy are Unique. And the very basis of Homeopathy. As the basic sciences advance, we are able to investigate these concepts in better light of the new found knowledge.

Philosophical–scientific correlations described in previous studies have suggested that the genome can be the biological representation of the vital force, whilst the disease-promoting epigenetic alterations would be the biological representation of the chronic miasmas. 

A study has been done, expanding the functional correlation between vital force and chromosomes, describing the mechanism of action of the telomere–telomerase complex in the context of physiological balance.

The aim of the study is to look at the role of the telomere–telomerase complex in cell vitality, biological ageing, and the health-disease process, with the goal of proposing the use of telomere length as a biomarker of the vital force state and the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment.


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