At HomeopathyOne, we understand that our drugs act deeper beyond the level of Human DNA.

Understanding Health for being Healthy

Health is a state of complete physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, and the ability to live a socially and economically productive life”.

In short, health is a state of balance/equilibrium. The human system constantly (at all the times) strives to maintain it. Amidst all the exposures, interactions, physio-chemical, mechanical, emotional, mental and metabolic processes happening within and outside us. We do not even realise the amount of effort our system puts to keep us functioning normally, until the system starts to give errors in the form of symptoms. 

Thus, know that health is a dynamic state which constantly fluctuates between the possibilities.

Your body can heal itself. It can do so because it has a healing system. If you are in good health, you will want to know about this system, because it is what keeps you in good health and because you can enhance that condition. If you or people you love are sick, you will want to know about this system, because it is the best hope for recovery.

Dr. Andrew Well, M.D.

Understanding Disease to remain Healthy

Know that Disease is a disturbance in the biological processes of life which creates imbalance within the system and is dependent upon the fundamental causes within each individual.

Disease is — when you are not at ease. Anything (even a single symptom / discomfort / sensation) that keeps you away from leading ease of daily life, needs help. It can be physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, social and/or spiritual.

Reducing global burden of diseases with energy medicine at HomeopathyOne leading to healthy, happy people laughing and living fulfilling quality life.

When does a disease happen?

The widely accepted epidemiological triad, consists of an external agent, a susceptible host, and an environment that brings the host and agent together. In this model, disease results from the interaction between the agent and the SUSCEPTIBLE host in an environment that supports transmission of the agent from a source to that host.

Now the diagram here should not be a triangle but a circle, whose centre should be the Host who is susceptible. If the host is not susceptible the agent and the outside environment have limited consequences.

Internal forces or substances

There is also what is called internal environment, and this plays a major role within the host system. This internal environment is partly dependent on our genetic system and partly dependent on our experiences of life.

Fundamental causes (genes) are mainly responsible for our state of health and our state of disease. These fundamental causes are explained in detail in Homeopathic Literature and every homeopath needs to be aware of them to be able to cure the ailing person.

These can be improved by Homeopathic treatment. Surprised! Homeopathic medicines are capable of altering your genes.

External forces or substances

–     these are the agents – microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi and the vectors – who help the survival and spread of these agents. These are nature made and play an active role in maintaining the Earth life cycle.

–      environment – these are the favourable circumstances such as weather, water, air, earth, heat, impurities, surrounding conditions like cleanliness, coverings, storage, etc.

These can be improved by our actions and awareness.

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