Oh! what an epiphany

Surprised eh, this thought process is the basic fallacy, that many are struggling with. It states that your disease is something different from you. 

The origin of this separatism can be traced back to Sydenham (1624-1689) who considered disease as a definite clinical entity grafted on the host which needs to be eliminated from the host. Thus, there was a shift in the cause of disease from Intrinsic factors (inner-within) to the extrinsic factors (outside).

This gave your disease an identity of its own as if, it can exist without you or outside your body too.

As if your disease is separate from you.

And if that is a true perspective, even your health should be separate from you.

Isn’t it? But is it? Is it separate from you?

Health and sickness are but two sides, belonging to the same coin (You). So how can they be separated from the coin (you).

Can you separate it and look at it? Can you? I Question you, can you?

No you cannot, in fact anybody cannot. You can only compare them, measure them, experience them.

Health and disease are relative terminologies. They relate to a state (constantly changing and is not definite/fixed) which has certain points of reference. Isn’t it?

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) pointed out in unmistakable terms that, what we call disease is not a fixed entity but an ever-changing process like that of life itself.

Which also implies that disease is an altered state that you experience through your symptomsIsn’t it?

But is it possible?
Can a disease exist without host?

No, never.

We all know that a disease has no existence outside a host. A host is a must for any disease.

So what exists without host are the organisms.

But do organisms alone can produce disease?

Nah, never. You ought to know this that an organism can only produce disease in a host.


But when? Every time?

Not every time. Only when the host (you) is susceptible. Rest of the time both interact but yield nothing.

So why this duality?

It is so simple that a disease can only exist within a host. The organism can only produce a disease when the host is susceptible. And when both interact in a favourable environment.

Hence if Homeopathy cures the host it cures the altered state (disease) within the host, bringing it back to balance. It is as simple to understand as a mathematical equation.

Homeopathy is a progressive and aggressive step in medicine.

John D Rockefeller

What is this favourable environment that I talk about?

The environment means the surrounding, that which is around every life.


Is it the outside or the inside?

It is everywhere means it is outside and it is inside. The form is different.


Is it about the host or about the organism?

It is about both. The organism too is alive and hence has it’s own outside and inside environment.

Role of Environment is a factor that affects and modifies the susceptibility of the host and the organism.

So what is it that the healthcare needs to focus on?
  • The organism?
  • The environment?
  • The host?

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