case review

Case Review

Case Review improves the patient outcomes of such cases wherein progress stops after initial improvement. Or the cases that do not respond to the well chosen medicine. Even those which temporarily improve but do not reach the Cure. Having multi – systemic involvement making difficult to assess the Direction of Cure. Cases which keep on recurring in spite of your best treatment and you are unable to put your finger on Why!

Current scenarios where in the healthcare is flooded with innumerable options. Patients are drugged with many medicinal systems and various therapeutic modalities. Many a times even with multiple Homeopathic remedies or Homeopathic combinations. Emphasises the need of and makes Case Review an essential aid in physicians’ kit for treating patients.

We offer this essential aid from our experience of successfully treating variety of such complex cases. Putting a case up for review provides the practitioner a much needed possible perspective. The whole understanding and outlook of the case changes from this step. Also the Homeopath learns to develop the improved approach to reach such a perspective over time.

Case Review provides you an opportunity of learning effective case analysis and developing strategies when faced with bumps and blocks while treating your patient. These learnings assists you to improve the patient outcomes and increase your success rate even in other cases.

As a physician, at the end of the day it’s not how many patients we see. But the number we cure and improve lives matters us the most.

Every case is like this picture below.
Please take a good look at it.

We review your cases and improve your practice outcomes at HomeopathyOne through our case reviews.

Case Review of HomeopathyOne,
assists you in decoding and perceiving the oneness amongst the various angles.

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Improved Patient Outcomes

Case review is mostly focused for the Homeopathic practitioner. Certain cases improve wonderfully and then the progress halts. It seems as if the case is stuck and not moving forward. In order to reach cure you need to overcome this obstacle. Case review offers this opportunity. Learning, how to manage cases which are not responding to the well chosen prescriptions. Practitioner connects to their cases with more understanding. And develops ability to perceive whether they are heading in the proper direction.

Case Review of HomeopathyOne opens avenues to New, Better results for your patients.

Case Review

One of the quality of being a conscientious physician, as stated by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, is the ability to seek timely assistance for the benefit of your patient. Case Review is for Homeopathic physician or practitioner and helps their cases, to unblock and gain momentum in their process of healing.
When progress in a case stagnates due to known or unknown factors.
While facing obstacles which halts the process of cure in a case.
When the treatment provides temporary relief and the problems recur or change form.
Possibly, there are major improvements but unable to reach cure.
As a Homeopath it is your duty, towards your patient, to timely identify such issues. And seek help for your patient on their behalf.

Being fellow colleagues we offer this help for your patient in the form of our time, knowledge and experience. We spend time with you doing In depth case discussion and analysis. Providing our perspective on the case to help you move the case forward towards cure.
While we gently guide and applaud you for your efforts and achievements. You learn to accurately perceive and apply Hahnemannian principles to your own cases and follow ups by questioning. These improves your patient outcomes, while your learnings allow you to apply them by yourself in future cases.
We do not ask for any patient identity related information, disclosure of the same is at your discretion.

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it is the Crux of Existence itself.

There are many variations of Homeopathy, today. Most of them have suffered alteration in some form or other, by injected humour, by faulty perception or randomised words which aren’t even slightly relatable to the source. 

We take you to the Roots of Hahnemannian Homeopathy and their precise understanding. Applying them in mathematical accuracy to the cases is bound to awaken you to the new horizon of healthcare outcomes, never witnessed before.

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Some Common Questions Answered

A case review session is one where we (you and us) reassess and re-evaluate the case to help it reach the cure it deserves. It is like taking a second opinion for your patient, and learning how and why of it.

We work with you on your case for your patient's improvement and guide you in improving your patient outcomes.

When progress in a case stagnates due to known or unknown factors. While facing obstacles to cure in a case. When the treatment provides temporary relief but the problems recur or change form. When there are major improvements but unable to reach cure. When the well chosen medicine does not give effective results or cure.

Over the years we are receiving cases which have improved but not completely cured. These has allowed us to see the lacuna between Homeopathic practice and effective outcomes. Having an objective analysis from a competent Homeopath allows the case to progress positively towards cure. At the same time guides the practitioner on how to proceed further, from where the case has reached or stuck.

We want you and your patient both to have better outcomes from Homeopathy.


All the services mentioned above guide the Homeopathic practitioner with any questions that they may have in their practice. Any suggestions should be cross checked with basic sources of knowledge on the fundamental laws of Homeopathy. The full responsibility of the prescription lies with the concerned Homeopathic practitioner.