One needs to accept the human being as a WHOLE integrated entity which cannot be fragmented into independent parts. Current medical therapies take a fragmented view of the human being giving different medicines for different ailments. This fragmented approach has led to shunting of patients to different specialists, in turn leading to disintegration of the mind from the body and confusion in the minds of the patients; not to mention the side effects of the medicines. It is impersonal medical technology which has fragmented the body into several parts and therefore makes human caring a necessity for healing.  
The aim is to find health and not just remove disease.
                                      - Dr. Andrew Still, England

It is a well known fact of psycho-somatic medicine that the mind and the body are linked. How you feel emotionally can determine how you feel physically. Researchers have directly and scientifically linked emotions to illnesses like migraine, hypertension, cardio-vascular diseases and diseases related to the immune system. It is important to understand relationships among consciousness, psycho-social factors and immune function. The innate ability to heal ourselves can never be ignored.

Dr Marolia meticulously notes the entire life history of a patient which finally reveals the underlying cause of the disease. The patient interaction not only involves the present medical problem but also his past state of health and family history. However, the main FORTE lies in understanding the Mind and the Emotions of the patient. This involves a lot of humane aspects like sensitivity, warmth and caring for the patient coupled with sharp medical acumen. Every patient undergoes a voyage of his life in a session with Dr Marolia. It is this understanding of the mind and the body that led Dr Marolia towards Integrative Medicine. It has been the endeavour of Dr Marolia to simplify the process of healing. This involves listening and unravelling the mind-body connection of the person.

If this website becomes a turning point for physical, emotional and spiritual healing, it will change the meaning of healing.
Dr Zubin Marolia interviewed by ITV at New York
Psychosomatic Effect / Stress
“The goal of medicine is peculiarly, the goal of making itself unneccessary: of influencing life so that what is medicine today becomes mere commonsense tomorrow.”
― Adolf Meyer
First Professor of Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins Hospital (1908)
Psychiatrist-in-Chief, (1913) Opened the Phipps Clinic.
At Johns Hopkins, his theory of psychobiology came into practice. "What is of importance to us is the activity and behavior of the total organism," he wrote. It is unlikely, he said, that "we should ever come to distinguish sharply between mind and body in our field, because, after all, we face one large biological problem, the disorders and actual diseases of biological organisms." Meticulous record keeping marked his scientific approach, which he described as based on facts that might include anything that made a difference in a patient's life, as revealed in the patient's attitudes, activity, and behavior. Every aspect, from family history and physical ailments to jobs and recent actions, was recorded in chronological order on detailed, standardized life charts. "It is 'the story' that counts in a person," he said.
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  Dr Zubin Marolia is a Family Physician with over 21 years of experience in Integrative Medicine. A prolific writer endowed with excellent oratorial skills and a felicity of expression, complemented by a mastery over the subjects at hand, coupled with precise and cogent presentations. He is proficient in understanding complex medical challenges with a psychosomatic approach harnessing the healing power of the mind. Dr Marolia is a sensitive, warm and caring professional coupled with a sharp medical acumen.
He was professionally trained as a Homeopathic & Holistic Health Consultant from University of Bombay, India. He has been a Clinical Observer at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, USA and a Fellow at the Integrative Oncology Department, Filderklinik, Germany. Dr Marolia was trained years ago at Lukas Cancer Klinik, Basel, Switzerland and Helixor Cancer Institute, Germany in the field of Mistletoe Therapy of Cancer. Recently he was invited to lecture at The Russell H Morgan Department of Radiology & Radiological Science, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Earlier he was invited to lecture at The Yorkshire Center of Classical Homeopathy, London & School of Homeopathy.Besides writing several articles/papers/comments/advice in various forums, journals, newspapers, etc. Dr Marolia has recently begun his journey on his first book.
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