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Let your Voyage begin with Homeopath and Holistic Healer 
                                                                - Dr Zubin P Marolia
Dr Marolia practices Classical Homeopathy in the city of Mumbai since the past 15 years. He is a passionate believer of his science and his leaning towards homeopathy began when he suffered from a chronic skin condition – eczema when he was young and got cured by homeopathy.

He embarked upon a career to become a homeopathic physician because of his interest in alleviating human suffering using the “Magic of the Sweet Pill”. His scientific bent of mind gave him deeper insights into the wonders of homeopathy and even today his holistic insights are a boon to his patients in understanding complex medical problems.

One needs to accept the human being as a WHOLE integrated entity which cannot be fragmented into independent parts. Current medical therapies take a fragmented view of the human being giving different medicines for different ailments. This fragmented approach has led to shunting of patients to different specialists, in turn leading to disintegration of the mind from the body and confusion in the minds of the patients; not to mention the side effects of the medicines.

It is a well known fact of psycho-somatic medicine that the mind and the body are linked. How you feel emotionally can determine how you feel physically.

Researchers have directly and scientifically linked emotions to illnesses like migraine, hypertension, cardio-vascular diseases and diseases related to the immune system.

His interactions with his patients give Dr Marolia insights into the state of mind, health and disease comprehensively.

This is because Dr Marolia meticulously notes the entire patient history which finally reveals the underlying cause of the disease. The patient interaction not only involves the present medical problem but also his past state of health and family history. However, the main FORTE lies in understanding the Mind and the Emotions of the patient. This involves a lot of humane aspects like sensitivity, warmth and caring for the patient coupled with sharp medical acumen.

Thus every patient undergoes a voyage of his past and present life in a session with Dr Marolia. It is this understanding of the mind and the body that led Dr Marolia towards the realm of holistic health which is the need of the hour.

While most people believe that Homeopathy and Holistic Healing are labelled as "Alternative Medical Therapies", Dr Marolia strongly disputes this view. He endorses the fact that Homeopathy and Holistic Healing stands on the same pedestal as mainstream medicine to heal mankind in mind, body and soul.

Dr Marolia is a prolific writer and his articles have been posted on this web-site. He is a graduate of the University of Mumbai and has been an outstanding student throughout his academic career. He has worked at the Lukas Cancer Clinic in Switzerland and the HELIXOR Cancer Institute in Germany in the field of MISTLETOE Therapy of Cancer. He has been invited to lecture at various institutions in India and abroad to spread the gospel of Homeopathy and Holistic Healing. He has also lectured on Mistletoe Cancer Therapy and Bach Flower Therapy.

Dr Marolia has a large practice drawing patients from all walks of life from all over the world. He believes that homeopathy and holistic healing is the avenue to encompass the totality of man and thus is the complete approach to healing.

If this informative web-site helps to create an interest in Homeopathy, removing all the  myths and misconceptions of the science in the minds of the readers and if it tends to dispel suffering and promote health, all the efforts and labour of Dr Marolia will be amply rewarded.
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