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Breast Cancer
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Place : Orissa
Date : 1998
From :


Dear Doctor Saheb,

Thanks for medicine and troubles you took. In fact wife condition is deteriorating. Mainly pain in right shoulder region and breathing problem – she is on short breathing. Unable to move out of house. No taste in food. Taking food like a 5 yrs. Child. Vomiting tendency most of the time. One big tumor below right breast occurred, it is mobile tumor on lower back left side swelled and in a position to burst. In last two X-R chest PA right side is blank only partial left side visible. Removal of fluid will not help – says MD doctors. Sir, one thing seems very positive. The general feelings of the patient is still good. She appears not like a serious patient. But doctor says anything may occur any day. They wonder how the patient has such a fine look still. Your patient blesses you and family.



Arthritis & Heart Problem
Place : MUMBAI
Date : 2007
From : G.N.
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I am an elderly lady 73 yrs. of age working since 40 yrs. I always suffered from acute acidity and cold for which Homeopathy has helped. Recently, I experienced the effectiveness of Homeopathy in “Acute Pain”.

I recently suffered from acute pain in left Hips joint & left Thigh which was so severe that I could hardly walk; or even sit. My work suffered. Homeopathy treatment under Dr. Z.P. Marolia cured me in 7 days.

Another condition which I suffer from is “Aortic Stenosisa heart condition wherein my blood circulation is affected. I feel breathless on climbing stairs with chest discomfort. I started the allopathic medicine prescribed by my cardiologist. Still on many occasions when I feel breathless near the sternum, I feel out of sorts & faint. Even crossing a road becomes difficult.

Dr. Z.P. Marolia carefully understood my cardiac complaints and prescribed a certain Homeopathic medicine (Iberis) as an SOS medicine to be taken for my heart condition. Wonder of wonders I took just 2 (two) drops as advised when I suffered acute chest discomfort recently and I felt better WITHIN MINUTES (I repeat within minutes)!

A Wonder Drug! And it makes me wonder who would think of taking Homeopathy for Heart Ailments. But it surely works.

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