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Chronic Cold
Place : Mumbai
Date : 2007
From : Mother of K.I.
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My daughter was suffering from severe cold & cough for many months. There was great difficulty in giving allopathy medicine to my little one. She would just throw up. I was aware of the benefits of homeopathy treatment of children.

What upset me the most was the abrupt, hasty, hurried approach of conventional doctors, “ No attempt was made to understand the feelings and emotional state of my child, she would just be put on the examination cot and given a poke” and hell would break loose as my child would just howl and cry for a long time, all this terribly upset my daughter and she refused any Allopathy drugs, not to mention the ordeal of going to a doctor.

My very first consultation with Dr. Zubin Marolia was an eyeopener for me as he spent 1 and half hour noting down the medical and personal history of my child.

His approach was patient, gentle and understanding and slowly his friendly approach “broke the Ice” and my daughter would willingly come for her medical examination.

After just one week of Homeopathy treatment under Dr. Zubin Marolia her colds have been cured.

I am bowled over by the amazing power of the tiny homeopathy pill and the “Child Friendly” Dr Zubin Marolia.


Acute Urinary Tract Infection
Place : MUMBAI
Date : 2002
From :  
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I am an elderly lady aged 75 years who wants to relate my case here.

I was suffering from Urinary Tract Infection time and again from the year 1998, with pus and blood in urine, coupled with urinary incontinence and pain in the abdomen.

On 3.8.2002, I had a very acute attack and the pathological report showed 200 - 250 pus cells and I also passed frank blood in urine. I was treated by my homeopath for this problem and believe me, within a short span of 5 days it got cleared and my report dt. 8.8.2002 showed no trace of infection. No antibiotic were administered and the whole case was understood in totality and treated in a Holistic manner.

A few bouts afterwards occured here and there, but they too got cleared within a short span of 5 - 6 days and ever since April 2003, I have not had any recurrent attack which means that homeopathy has cured me completely.

What surprised me was the rapidity and efficacy of the Homeo medicine when I was acutely ill.

I therefore, very strongly feel and believe that the Homeo medicines are equally fast - acting and efficaceous like any other forms of treatment - (allopathic, ayurvedic or unani). And mind you - one added advantage of Homeopathic treatment is that it has No adverse effect on your general health and well - being. In the past I was successfully treated for an occasional bout of Sciatica and Gout and the rapid cure has re - inforced my faith in Homeopathic treatment.

In sincerely recommend all my fellow citizens to give a try to this line of tratment, which is safe & sure.

The Homeopathic Interview - In-depth understanding of the Mind
Place : MUMBAI
Date : 2007
From : R.D.
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Our Family has been under Dr. Zubin Marolia’s treatment since the last seven years. The comfort level of homeopathic consultations is excellent. At no stage is there hesitancy or discomfort during the course of meeting Dr. Marolia especially because most of his sessions are at a highly personal level.

Herein the feelings and emotions are understood at great depth, for e.g. How you feel upset, angry, frustrated or depressed. The impact of these mental states on our physical health is explained in a gentle way.

After a few minute, you feel you have come to the right place. Mind you it is not easy for a person to open up to a doctor asking personal questions, unless adequate time is given to a person to open up. His questions force you to look into yourself, your psyche for certain answers. All in all, it helps you to understand yourself better and maybe change yourself for a better life.

After the consultation, you feel relief and a sense of being lighter in your heart. Through his art of gentle interrogation, a total approach in understanding the patient is achieved which is a step forward in holistic health.

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