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Lichen Planus (Skin Condition, Varicose Veins, Warts, Elevated cholesterol levels, Angina Pectoris)
Place : Canada
Date : January 19, 2008 (by email)
From : M.C.

Dear Zubin,

I certainly seem to be doing better.
1. On my perpetual plugged nose and dripping nose  (alergies?) I am better by about 80%.
2. Itchiness on my feet is down about 40%.
3. The same with scalp itch on the few spots.
4. No heart complaints.
5. Only development seems to be numerous floaters in my eyes. ( See floating objects circulating around when looking at a blank surface like the sky)

Best regards


Post Operative Healing - Extensive Abdominal Surgery
Place : New York, USA
Date : November 2007 (by email)
From : RB (USA)

Hi Zubin,

I am very sorry for the delay in my response and many thanks for following up on my case history. Overall the surgery went well. The most recent blood test shows CA19-9 = 18 (normal range of 0 - 35). Raphanus & Bellis Per. had very good results. I still occasionally take Bellis Per. when I feel some tightness in the abdomen. I continue to apply Calendula ointment on the scar daily after bath. Otherwise I am not taking any medication since December. I am doing all routine day to day chores, after my major surgery but avoid lifting heavy weight or strenuous exercise. I will start my regular belly crunch exercise with caution, any day now.

I found Raphanus brilliant for bloating and gas (post operatively), is surprisingly fast acting - in less than a minute. Once again thanking you and Behnaz for all your support.


Place : Mhow, M.P. India
Date : 2006 (by email)
From : A.R., Mhow, India

A year ago, I had a persistent cough. At the end of 3months, I was beginning to get really worried and was contemplating xrays to see what the problem was. Dr. Zubin put me on a course of Drosera. At the end of 2 weeks I was
significantly better. Another week at the 1m strength and I was able to say goodbye to the nagging, persistent winter cough I invariably pick up form a polluted Delhi atmosphere".

Hypothyroidism & Anaemia
Place : Atlanta (USA)
Date : Jan 2008 (by email)
From : Dr J. S.

Dr. Zubin Marolia is a brilliant homeopathy doctor with a deep understanding of allopathy tests and traditions.  He is simply brilliant in his diagnosis and puts you on the right path to recovery.

Above all, Dr. Marolia is a very caring person. For him, the patient comes first!

I have personally benefited enormously from his wisdom, personal care and homeopathic medicines.

Non healing leg wound and Breast Cancer
Place : Hyderabad
Date : July 2006 (by email)
From : K.K.

My stint with Dr. Zubin Marolia happened in a strange manner. We came to know him through my husband’s cousin.
My mother is a known case of Breast Cancer with fluid in the chest area. In July 2006 she was undergoing her 2nd line of chemotherapy which had taken a toll on her body. The side effects included weakness, lack of appetite and generally a low state. She was evaluated in a detailed chronological manner and the session lasted nearly three hours. Her mental state was also understood at great lengths. I felt that this was the most important part of Dr Marolia’s approach. No one had spent time and effort to understand my mother’s anxiety, worry and fear about cancer.

Around the same time mom had met with an accident on her way to chemotherapy which complicated her entire health condition and lead to a non healing wound on her foot.

So many health problems!! A dilemma which the entire family faced.

It was the opinion of Dr Marolia that we needed to administer medication to stimulate the body’s resistance mechanism - immunity, should be strengthened. This would be achieved in three ways : (a) homeopathic treatment (b) mistletoe therapy – Iscador (c) Dietary advice (d) Bach Flower Therapy

In a matter of 3 months we were surprised by the improvement in her overall physical health and psychological state. She is able to move on her own and lead a normal life excepting for minor issues.Even today my mother follows the same diet pattern which Dr.Marolia suggested and the routine set by him.

I would want to take this opportunity to thank Dr.Marolia for having been so patiently answering the unending queries of my mom and treating her childlike person. Today after one and half years he is like a member in our family, stays at our home whenever he visits Hyderabad and does not mind  traveling in an autorickshaw if need be.

Thank you once again Dr.Marolia and hats off to your humility!!
Behavioral Disorder (Hyperactive child)
Place : New Delhi
Date : 2006 (by email)
From : M. G.

My son, who is now 13 years old was a very hyperactive child from birth.  It was impossible for him to sit still for even a short period of time.  I was therefore greatly worried since it was also affecting his ability to study.  His teachers at school constantly complained about his restlessness.  Dr. Z Marolia's name was recommended to me by one of his patient.  When he met us, he spent 2 hours just understanding my son's mental state.  Being laymen it was difficult for us to pinpoint his exact problem.  But after asking some searching questions and with the help of incidents narrated, Dr. Marolia prescribed his medicines.

It was, within the first three months, that we noticed a great change in our son.  He was able to sit still and became aware of his surroundings.  His condition has been steadily improving.  We are now working on improving his concentration level.  Both, my wife and I are very happy with the treatment and result in our son.
Pharyngitis with Herpes Zoster & Tension Headache
Place : Goa
Date : 2007 (by email)
From :

Adv. R.A.R

I have had the fortune of having been associated with Dr. Zubin P. Marolia as his patient, due to recurrent episodes of Pharangitis, coupled with headaches emanating from suspected Sinusitis, in respect of which as a last resort I took to Homeopathy. I also suffered an episode of "Herpes Zoster" at the age of 42 years in the month of September 2006.

 The efficacy of Homeopathy to treat and offer a reliable cure for various illnesses is to be experienced in order to be believed; particularly the manner in which the Homeopathic treatment seeks to eliminate the very root cause of the chronic ailments, with almost nil side effects!

 What impressed me the most about the diagnostic acumen of Dr. Marolia-who is endowed with a keen eye for research and who is very passionate about his profession, was that he adopted a well meaning holistic approach to the problem at hand and embarked upon a thorough analysis of each and every symptom in all its ramifications such that he could delve into the root of the symptoms and unearth the cause, before administering a line of Homeopathic treatment to tackle the ailment. In that regard, it was extremely heartening to see that he also effectively relied on the modern investigative procedures so as to confirm the cause, which he would in any event clinically detect on the basis of an in-depth assessment of the symptoms in their entirety.

I must say that with such a thorough approach whereby he also devotes a considerable time with his patients akin to counselling sessions, ultimately the efficacy of the treatment is borne out with the tackling of  the very root cause of the sickness, which indeed is amazing, to say the least!

 Consequent to the line of treatment administered to me under the expert diagnostic skills of Dr. Marolia, the recurrence of Pharangitis and headaches as aforedescribed have drastically reduced to rare occasional bouts of a very mild intensity and that too, only in inclement weather conditions. The comfort levels have increased a great deal with the maintenance dose, also known as "constitutional medicine", which is an unique prescription handed down by Dr. Marolia as per the constitution of each patient. Infact, it is evidently clear that such a result oriented treatment is possible only due to a holistic approach adopted in that behalf. As regards "Herpes Zoster" which I got in the month of September 2006, with Dr. Marolia's precise diagnosis and highly effective course of treatment, the ailment was not only brought under control quickly within a couple of days but it simply vanished within a week's time; obviously having been uprooted from the system itself! In other words, it was a miraculous cure brought on by homeopathic medications.

 Given such an efficacious as well as cost effective method of treatment, it would be only appropriate that this system of medicine which understands the disease keeping in mind the overall health condition of a patient, is promoted at the primary health care level and consequently incorporated in the National Health Care Programme, since it has the potential of alleviating the sufferings of a cross section of patients at that level.

Mouth Ulcer
Place : Mumbai
Date : 2007 (by email)
From : S.S.

Dear Dr.Marolia,

I am a young executive working for long hours in a multi-national organisation. It is common that stress is part and parcel of my daily work. My son is being treated by Dr Zubin Marolia for recurrent colds with satisfactory results.
During one of my visits to the clinic for my son's consultation, I showed Dr Marolia a large, very painful ulcer in my mouth. It was so painful that even touch would be agonizing. Dr Marolia examined the ulcer in the mouth and then interrogated me for my mental and emotional state. Surprising . . . what has my ulcer got to do with my mental state? The condition which caused all the "stress" was understood within a few moments and it was pointed out that it was a stress based ulcer.

I was totally unaware how homeopathic system of medicine understands mental states so beautifully and treats the physical and mental state in a conjoined manner.

The first dose of the homeopathic remedy was given to me in the clinic and I left the clinic thinking that "whats the harm - lets try homeopathy"! I felt a relief in pain within 8 hours - "unbelieveable" . . . 8 hours ?? and my ulcer was cured within 3 days!

Since then I have been well, with no recurrence of the ulcer and a stronger belief in Homeopathy.

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