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Place : Mumbai
Date : 2005
From : D.P.M.
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S P L E N D I D !!
R E M A R K A B L E !!

What a relief I felt when my chronic eczema was cured with homeopathy. I was suffering from an eczematous rash, a kind of skin eruption on my feet which used to itch severely and bleed on scratching. I still remember the days when I used to come from office in the evening and just scratch my foot for 1-2 hours. My itching used to be so severe that my leg used to turn red and there would be severe burning. I have always taken homeopathy throughout my life.

What was so remarkable about the homeopathic consultation with Dr Marolia was that my stress was understood and my mental and emotional state evaluated along with my body – physical symptoms. Dr. Marolia virtually performed a “mental dissection” and pointed out the anxiety which led to my urge to itch. His power of observing are amazing.

Just a few doses of homeopathic pills were enough to cure my eczema. What I would like to say is that the “constitutional remedy” not only acted on my skin but also alleviated my anxiety state. I felt better generally as a whole.

If my testimonial removes the myth and misconception that homeopathy is slow acting, it would be truly rewarding for me. Many thanks to the hard work and efforts of Dr Zubin Marolia.



Herpes Zoster
Place : Mumbai
Date : 2004
From : M.P.B.
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I am a senior citizen residing in Mumbai since the last 50 years. I suffered from a very painful and severe skin condition called Herpes Zoster 4 years back.

It started with a severe backache which used to immobilize me completely and later large blisters started appearing on my back. Big eruptions had spread all over my back. It was terribly scary and intensely painful. I started homeopathic treatment under Dr Zubin Marolia.

Having great faith in homeopathy and Dr. Z Marolia, I placed myself completely under his care. After a few doses of those tiny homeopathic pills, I must say that my intense pain was greatly relieved within 48 hours. Gradually, the large blisters on my back started subsiding and the skin healed naturally.

I am absolutely fine today and am thoroughly convinced that homeopathy under Dr Marolia cures patients in a very quick, efficient and complete manner.

Homeopathy truly heals

Thank you Dr for all your care and healing powers.
God Bless you Always!!

Multiple Medical Ailments
Place : Mumbai
Date : 2005
From : L.H.
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I am an elderly lady under homeopathic treatment since the past 12 years. I was suffering from multiple ailments which I list below :

1. Migraine
2. Chronic sinusitis
3. Chronic cold
4. Indigestion and gas
5. Occassional diarrhoea (colitis)
6. Hypothyroidism
7. Osteoporosis
8. Last year – Herpes Zoster

Come to think of it, for the above medical problems, I would have had to consult at 5 different specialists and of course the long list of allopathic drugs.

Homeopathic treatment under Dr. Zubin Marolia has relived most of my ailments and today I lead a healthy life.
The complete and totality approach of Dr. Zubin Marolia involved understanding a chronic patient like me especially, my feelings, emotions (anger, anxiety, fright, irritability) which are all linked to my medical problems.

The tiny homeopathic pill and the healing powers of Dr. Zubin P Marolia are like “PILLAR” in my life.

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