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Patient's Responsibility

READ this before you begin on Homeopathy

1. Be Patient

“He that can have Patience, can have what he will”
- Benjamin Franklin

As Homoeopathic Medicine works with nature, it will take time in order to cure you (if in deed, your condition is curable), but in doing so, you will improve from strength to strength. Much like a seed grows into a tree, nature takes time, and so does a cure.

2. Observe & Inform your Homeopath about any deviation

Homeopathy is a demanding system not only for the physician but for the patient as well. It is not a therapy in which the patient casually reports the ailments, shows reports, to allopathic physicians, receives a pill and is then cured. In Homeopathy, the patient has to observe areas of each and every aspect of his life - mind and body which are ordinarily ignored by most people.

Irrespective of the disease the M I N D assumes utmost importance for the homeopathic physician as it is the starting point of disease (C A U S E). The mental and physical states which are of importance are e.g. specific anxieties, fears, depression, lack of self-confidence, irritability, nervousness, impatience, laziness, memory troubles, inability to concentrate, tolerance to heat, cold, sun, weather changes, closed rooms, clothing, sexual desire, satisfaction, quality of sleep, position of sleep, dreams, particular food cravings, aversions etc.

Even small observations
, which seem insignificant from an allopathic standpoint, may well be crucial from the homeopathic perspective. For example, suppose a patient has been found by allopathic doctors to be suffering from peptic ulcer. He is used to spending the entire consultation discussing details about his local stomach complaint. But the homeopath spends more time understanding the mental state, stress levels and the cause of the peptic ulcer.

Such pieces of information are irrelevant in the allopathic context, but they lead directly to the curative medicine in the homeopathic setting.
3. Time required to find the right remedy

Another factor in homeopathic treatment is the length of time the homeopath takes to find the indicated remedy. This is not an easy task. Patients who are used to the allopathic method of prescribing which requires relatively simple judgments for finding medications may be disappointed at first with the systematic, painstaking process involved in homeopathic prescribing. In fact, patients should be glad to see the homeopath taking so much time and care to listen to them. Mind you, it is not easy for a patient to reveal tiny details about themselves, especially personal and private matters e.g. anger, jealousy, fears, resentments and sexual aspects of life.

Understanding human life is a painstaking process. It is an art of listening to a patient. A homeopathic case history attempts to understand the entire life voyage of a patient which usually takes anywhere between 2 to 4 hours.

  thomas_edison “The Doctor of the future
will not give medicines,
but will be someone
who is able to listen”

  Thomas A Edison.
4. Cure Depends on various factors

Homeopathy always attempts to remove the disease from its roots.

The actual time required for cure depends upon several factors. Patients, who have had treatment with many allopathic drugs for a long period present more problems for homeopathic treatment due to the suppressive action of allopathic drugs. These drugs tend to mask the original individualistic symptoms. Lastly, patients with prolonged histories of poor diet, no exercise and abuse of alcohol or drugs can expect cure only after extended periods of time.
5. The healing crisis

Many patients feel that homeopathic medicines will first bring out the disease (aggravate symptoms) in full strength before curing it. This does not necessarily happen in every case. It occurs only when past suppressive treatments have pushed the disease into a deeper layer of the body.

In the process of cure, the strengthening of the defense mechanism may result in a temporary increase of symptoms. Usually this lasts for only a few hours to a few days, but in some cases it may take longer. If the patient doesn't understand this possibility, it may at first seem as if homeopathic medicine is having an adverse effect, and there may be a tendency to seek allopathic relief from the exacerbated symptoms.

In fact, a “true” healing crisis is always followed by a cure. A homeopath judiciously guides patients through the healing crisis.
6. A few more Facts

Homoeopathy treats the individual patient as a whole human being in context of the long term health & well being.

In many chronic cases like bronchial asthma, diabetes, hypertension, etc. wherein patients are under conventional medicines, it is imperative that patients continue their allopathic medication which are acting on the physiological plane, but do so judiciously & under the guidance of experienced physicians.

All Homoeopathic medicines are absorbed from the tongue & lining of the mouth -- which is abundantly supplied with nerve endings, it is advised to patients that they refrain from eating or drinking anything for 15 minutes before & after taking the Homoeopathic medicine. Also it is advisable to rinse one's mouth if one has eaten anything strong smelling such as garlic, onion etc.

Homoeopathy is absolutely safe & can be prescribed during pregnancy or to lactating / nursing mothers.
7. Avoid self medication.
 Homeopathy is the "Gateway" to meet the diverse challenges of the changing health needs of people today  & tomorrow
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