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Holistic Healing

“Health is wholeness. Wholeness in its most profound sense. Far from being simply the absence of disease. Health is a dynamic and harmonious equilibrium of all the elements and forces making up and surrounding a human being.”
                                                                                                                                 Andrew Weil, Health & Healing


Today we live in a world proud to consider itself scientific. Everything has to be proven by science before it can be accepted, and to prove anything, science has to first split the matter into parts and then proceed to prove each of these parts, ad infinitum, but the human body is a composite-whole and cannot be split into parts. Specialists have become so involved in what they’re doing with different parts of the body that they have forgotten there’s more to the body than, for instance, the heart, the brain, lungs, joints, etc.

As this fragmented process continues, the public becomes so engrossed with all this research into the individual parts that they, too, forget about the wholeness within themselves.

We, doctors and patients must all get back to that wholeness. The parts are important, certainly, but it wont be of any use to understand the individual elements if you don’t comprehend the entire picture.

The uniform smooth flow of the vital force in the human body

But things are beginning to change once more, because the public is getting fed up with modern doctors. People want to be treated by someone who is attentive and caring, not distant and hurried. There’s also a growing understanding that the mind and body are related and that viewing the two separately doesn’t make much sense.

The Vital Force / The Life Force

The human body is imbibed, permeated and surrounded by a life field – the life force which is an electro-magnetic field with a high frequency. The life field actually appeared before the physical body itself, in order to guide the atoms and molecules of a growing organism into its proper form.

In a sense, the electromagnetic pattern creates a mould, which is eventually filled by matter, giving rise to a tangible, material body. Both the material body and the field have their own “brains”, but the life-field brain is nothing like the physical brain. It is more of an organizing pattern that maintains the structure of an organism and also instructs the body’s new cells – the ones that replace those cells constantly dying within us – where they belong in the human body. How else would cells know to travel into the liver or into the muscles or into the lungs?

This life field – life force which controls the body was recognized by Dr Samuel Hahnemann over 200 years ago when he discovered homeopathy. He called it the vital force. The human organism is more than the mere sum of its physical components. It is the vital force which animates, guides and balances the organism at all levels in health and disease.

The Blocked / Disrupted flow of the vital force leading to the development of symptoms / disease

This concept of “vital energy” has been accepted for thousands of years. The Chinese call it Chi, the Japanese call it Ki and the Hindus call it Prana.

New concepts in physics are beginning to understand electro-dynamic fields of the human body. Instruments now exist that can directly measure the electromagnetic field of the human body, e.g. Kirlian photography is a dramatic technique whereby the electromagnetic field can be directly visualized.

This vital force connects the individual with the ultimate unity of the universe. Every one of us manifests this life force, each of us vibrating at an individual frequency.

An equal, balanced and unimpeded flow of the vital force is what constitutes health. Any negative thought pattern is enough to lock into the life force, disrupting it, causing an imbalance in the form of symptoms and hence disease.

Healing starts with unblocking of this vital energy making it flow smoothly and uniformly, which ultimately results in removal of symptoms and establishment of health. When healing is accomplished in this manner, patients will no longer be regarded as if they were disease processes or problems to be solved but as

“people in need of assistance in balancing their physical, mental and spiritual components. ”

Holistic health and homeopathy understand the importance of the vital force in health and disease and all therapeutic measures are aimed at restoring the balance and equilibrium of the vital force to restore health.

In those times Hahnemann had understood the holistic aspect of health advocating better public hygiene, sensible eating, fresh air and exercise.

The vital force / the vital energy in our body comprises of many components, viz physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pathways. It is itself charged and influenced by natural forces like :

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Sunshine - sunshine
Fresh air / The Breath - fresh_air
Food we eat - food
Exercise - #excercise
Rest / Relaxation - #rest
Mental Balance / Equilibrium - tranquility
Importance of Sunshine :

The sun is the source of all life and energy on this planet. Life on earth has evolved under the full spectrum of natural sunlight.

A few known benefits of sunlight :

A ) The quantity and quality of blood in our body and the percentage of haemoglobin is directly linked to the amount of sunshine we receive. More sunshine means more oxygen carrying capacity and richer and healthier blood.

B ) The endocrine system. Two glands, the pituitary and the pineal gland which control all other glands are sensitive to light. They need at least 15-20 minutes of sunlight a day to function properly. This explains why people are cheerful on bright sunny days and not so on chilly and dark gloomy days.

C ) Sunlight helps in the manufacture of Vitamin D which is good for the bones. It also helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphorous in the body.

D ) Sunlight strengthens and tones the skin keeping the skin young and healthy.

E ) Sunlight is even more important for people who are sick. People who are kept in airy sunny rooms invariably recover faster than those who are kept away from the sun. A few minutes of sun bath is a must for convalescing patients.

No wonder, many religions worship the sun!
Importance of Fresh Air (Breathing) :

Dr. Andrew Weil (Clinical professor of internal medicine, and best-selling author)

"If I had to limit my adivice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe correctly."

Breathing is the basis of life. Breathing brings in precious oxygen from air through the lungs and breathing out gets rid of the poisonous carbon dioxide produced as waste by ourselves.

Seek fresh air. Open doors and windows wherever possible.

Breathing :  We may be surrounded by fresh air but what’s the use if we don’t breathe properly. According to a recent estimate, we have got used to breathing shallowly, using less than 25% of our lung capacity. We starve our body, brain and nervous system of precious oxygen leading to a common complaint seen nowadays, i.e. lethargy, tiredness and lack of concentration.

Breath :
Mankind is not fed by bread alone but also by breath. A life is defined by breath. You take your first breath when you are born, and your last the moment you die.

It is the means by which you are connected to the universe : without the breath there would be no consciousness.

Breathing is the only vital function that in spite of its independence from your normal consciousness, is nevertheless accessible to your mind. In contrast, you have very little control over your digestive processes or over the beating of your heart, circulation of your blood, the currents of your nerve energy, etc. Breathing helps to take more of the universal life force – vital energy into your body to charge the vital force of your body, not only physically but also spiritually.

With every single breath, there are two components :

Physical Breath : The air taken into the lungs which helps in supplying oxygen to the different tissues of the body.

Soul Breath : The breath that feeds the soul. This is a form of deep breathing done during meditation which calms the mind and the soul.

Whenever you are physically and mentally stressed out and you feel fatigued, by inhaling a deep breath through the nostrils, holding it for a number of seconds and then suddenly expelling it, you actually strip your unwanted feelings from the body and bring it into a state of balance and well being.

A set of seven breathing exercises are always recommended by Dr Marolia to his patients.


Importance of Food :

Eating a balanced diet is a well known fact. Avoiding stale food is another important point to be remembered. Also intake of fruits should be at an all time high (min. 5 per day)

How many of us are aware of “how” we eat our food? A small aspect of holistic care in eating is to eat food in a relaxed peaceful atmosphere and not while the brain is active i.e. watching television or working.

In today’s fast paced world, office lunch times have been curtailed from 45 minutes to 10 minutes. This does not allow the person to chew the food properly and hence affects the digestion process. No wonder a person feels tired at the end of the day as the “food energy” is not sufficient to energize the vital energy of the body.


Importance of Exercise :

Exercise helps in blood circulation, helping organs to function more efficiently. It also helps in lymphatic circulation. Modern life offers us no opportunity for exercise, the lack of which can lead to general weakness, poor circulation, and in turn, reduced resistance to disease.


Importance of Rest / Relaxation :

Rest which includes sleep is nature’s great restorative process. Two metabolic processes continuously operate in our body. First, the process of growth, development and replenishment (anabolism) and the second process of wear and tear (catabolism). Anabolism is dominant during rest and sleep while catabolism is active during periods of activity.


Importance of Mental Balance / Equilibrium :

The mind influences our body in each and every aspect through the psycho-neuro endocrine axis. Healthy people are happy people and further happy people are healthier people.


The objective of Holistic Healing is to focus on the prevention of disease. Millions are spent annually on health care but the entire expenditure revolves around expensive blood tests, imaging techniques and expensive drugs all of which are designed to address medical problems after they occur. Sadly, the subject of prevention is totally ignored.

The key to prevention of a disease is to incorporate the principles of holistic healing in our daily lives!

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