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“Final and complete healing ultimately comes from within”
                                                                - Dr Edward Bach

A beautiful bouquet of flowers may be one of the healthiest gifts you can give -- and we're not talking calories.

Flowers and plants have been used for centuries to provide people with food, clothing, shelter, medicine and oxygen, as well as to express emotions ranging from love and support to grief. But now, research is adding up that suggests flowers and plants are closely linked to human well-being.

As early as 1789, medical personnel noted that impoverished patients who had to work to pay for their care seemed to recover more quickly when they worked in a hospital's kitchen garden as opposed to working in cattle sheds or other surroundings.

More recent studies have reinforced this early observation. A 1996 study conducted by Virginia Lohr and others showed that rooms and offices decorated with plants and flowers help reduce stress, as measured by decreased blood pressure and pulse rates. In research with breast cancer patients, a common restorative activity -- walking in a garden -- improved patients' ability to focus on tasks and significantly lowered their stress levels.

One of the best known studies, by Dr. Roger Ulrich, showed that patients recovering from gall bladder surgery who viewed plants from their hospital windows had shorter hospital stays, took fewer potent analgesics for pain and received fewer negative nursing comments than their counterparts who viewed a building from their windows.

Such is the healing power of flowers.

Bach flower therapy

A little History

Mount Vernon – a pretentious small village in Oxfordshire England is the place where an intriguing system of healing known  as Bach Flower Therapy was discovered. In this method, certain wild flowers are selected for their special ability to treat the personality and distressing emotions of the sufferer rather than the physical symptoms of the illness. This therapy was discovered in the 1930s by the visionary physician Dr. Edward Bach.

Dr. Edward Bach aged 43 had attained eminence as a consultant bacteriologist and homeopath and it was his quest for finding a method of treatment which would embrace

“the mind and spirit of a person”.

Dr. Bach’s homeopathic background had opened the doors of his perception to the reality of vibrational healing. He realized that an individuals emotional outlook influenced the course, severity and duration of disease. He knew that long continued stress resulting from emotions such as anger, fear, worry, anxiety lowered a person’s resistance to disease.

Dr. Bach had a sound scientific background but never lost touch with his spiritual nature. He was essentially a “heart” man guided by intuition or what some might call divine inspiration.

He believed strongly that the key to the art of true healing lay not in the laboratory but within the Plant Kingdom and that these special plants would be found growing wild, nurtured by the living earth and energized by the synergy of fresh air, water and sunlight.

He left his flourishing practice to know more about the healing power of flowers for six years. Dr. Bach settled down in a village in North Wales. Living close to nature, his innate sensitivity blossomed fully. In fact, his sensitivity got so highly developed that he had merely to place a petal on his tongue to be aware of the effects on the mind, body and spirit. For some days before the discovery of a healing flower, he experienced on himself the “distressing state of mind” for which that particuluar flower was a remedy.

Mode & Sphere Of Action

Dr. Bach believed strongly that physical illness is the result of disharmony between ‘mind’ and ‘spirit’. By spirit we mean the higher self – the all wise aspect that manifests itself as profound insight into the real purpose of our existence.

Let us explain this : The higher self is aware of our true mission in life and endeavours to realize this through the mind and emotions : the personality”. However, the personality is not always aware of the higher self so we often fail to hear the promptings of our inner voice. We go through life only half awake guided by social conditioning and our subjective responses to the life experience.

As a result, according the Bach, instead of experiencing joyfulness, purposefulness, wisdom and courage, we experience “disharmony”

If we could act wholly in harmony with our own spirit or higher self (which itself is a part of the greater whole, embracing the rest of humanity, the planet, and the cosmos) we would fulfill our potential and experience profound happiness.

Where there is a disconnection between the higher self and the personality, there is dis-ease.

The above mentioned disharmony takes hold as negative emotions such as fear, hatred, melancholy, guilt. Flower remedies act at the vibrational healing level transmuting these negative emotions into positive ones like courage, joy, love, etc.

The healing vibrations of flower remedies are in tune with the finer frequencies of the mind / spirit. By flooding our energy field with these higher frequencies, our whole being (the mind, body and spirit) becomes aligned with the cosmic flow. The discordant notes of negative emotion which slow down our vibrations making us feel unwell are brought into harmony.

Dr. Bach recognized 38 healing flowers, one for each of the most common negative states of mind whichdarken our perception”

Each remedy transmutes the negative outlook into its opposite or positive aspect.
Let us take a small example here:

The subtle vibrational healing energies of Flower Essences make us ideal for enhancing our emotional status. 

Bach Flower Therapy could change our attitude by stimulating awareness within us. Self-understanding, recognizing inside feelings -as it happens- is the key to manage the innate nature and to modify the attitude towards life.

vibration - string

This ability to monitor our basic behavior helps us gain better awareness of what we are feeling.

Bach flower therapy gives us a road map to our emotions and effective tools to deal with them. Being aware of our emotions helps us to make better decisions avoiding inappropriate emotional responses that affect our judgment.


Bach Flower therapy can tap into the inner power of our mind.

bullet It can remove blockages in the body's energy flow.
bullet It can help, diffuse and eliminate negative thoughts and emotions.

It can stimulate healing.

bullet It can improve our overall performance.
bullet It may help us to take better decisions.
"All that we are is the result of what we have 't h o u g h t' . . .
It is founded on our 't h o u g h t s' . . .
It is made up of our 't h o u g h t s' . . .
- Buddhist scriptures

A close friend of mine was suffering from a ‘Stiff neck’. On taking the history, I discovered that the neck represented being flexible on issues, turning in all directions willing to see different sides of a questions. This person was a very inflexible person often having a very ‘rigid’ viewpoint of life. This rigidity had manifested as a stiff neck. You might seem surprised at the co-relation that I have just given.

Following examples will substantiate my view point.

bullet Constipation ; holding on to your stools ;refusing to release old ideas; stuck in the past.
bullet Corns ; hardened areas of thought just like the hard skin of the corn.
bullet Cramps ; the tightening of muscles comes from  “tension-a fear gripping the body”.
bullet Fever ; anger , burning up.
bullet Incontinence of stool or urine ; emotional overflow; years of controlling the emotions.
bullet Kidney stones ; lumps of undissolved anger , bitterness.
bullet Bad breath and body odour ; dislike of oneself, repulsive, revengeful thoughts.
Bones ; representing the structure of the body, strong bones represent self-belief , confidence; conditions like osteoporosis can be interpreted as feeling there is no support in life, instability.
Back problems; back represents support in life, mainly financial support, can manifest as a dull backache. OR , sharp pain in back stems from a feeling of being " stuck" in life due to some guilt or criticism, some people say " get off my back ".
Blood pressure ; the smooth flow of blood in the body is like smooth flow of "joyful ideas" B. P. problems arise from lack of circulation of joyful ideas which arises from lack of love in life or an unresolved long-standing emotional problem.
bullet Blood clot , closing down the flow of joy.
bullet Asthma ; narrowing of bronchi in the lungs , smothered feeling ; inability to breathe for oneself , feeling stifled for love.
bullet Cancer ; occurs as  a hardened lump in the body; hardening of emotions e.g. deep hurts, carrying hatred , grief  eating away at oneself.
Obesity : often represents a fear and a need for protection  INSECURITY, the body builds the layers of fat as a layer of protection, also represents a lack of fulfillment in life. Cellulite : lumps of fat underneath the skin representative of " stored anger "


FEARS : One of the most common fears experienced is fear of examination in students or a fear of animals, fear of heights.

PANIC – SUDDEN SHOCK : A patient once came to me with ‘Acute headache’ which began after he came to know that the building in which his family was staying had collapsed and many family members had died.

IMPATIENCE : We normally face many people who are extremely impatient and hurried in all their activities, wanting to do many things in the shortest possible time. This stresses the body leading to many problems like acidity etc.
LACK OF CONFIDENCE : A chronic arthritis patient with osteoporosis was interviewed by me. Note that bones represent ‘support’ in our body. Weakness in our bones (Osteoporosis) can be due to lack of calcium but it also stems from lack of support that we experience in our life. She told us that she did not have the confidence to do the smallest of tasks and relied on support from her family.
HATRED, JEALOUSY, ENVY : A very common human emotion which plays a major role in breaking human relations. A patient once came to me with a chronic sharp pain in the throat. During the interview it was revealed that she was jealous of her sister who she thought was getting better things in life resulting in a feeling of hatred towards her.
UNCERTAINTY, DISCOURAGED FEELINGS : There are people who are easily discouraged when things go wrong and difficulties confront them. They become sad and pessimistic towards life. Many of the cancer patients experienced this feeling when they feel the treatment is failing. GENTIAN
A FEELING OF DISGUST – SELF DISLIKE : A young boy had massive scarring of the face due to pimples. These erruptions were filled with pus and they looked very ugly which resulted in a state of extreme anger and irritability in him. The family could not understand his changed mental state which affected the boys academic performance. On interrogation, I concluded that there was a feeling of disgust and strong dislike  in this boy which led to his state of anger.
CRAB APPLE It has cleansing action on the body soothing unpleasant ugly thoughts about oneself.
EXHAUSTIONS : A brain tumour patient had worked very hard from a young age, taking responsibilities of the entire family, extreme financial difficulties. He was completely exhausted in mind and body, drained of all his strength.
BITTERNESS, RESENTMENTS : A hypertensive patient had conveyed to me strong feelings of ‘Bitterness’ in his life due to broken friendship, broken love, harbouring these strong negative feelings – blaming others for his misfortunes – a deep resentment.
DESPERATION : A mother once came to me with acute constipation and pain in the rectum while passing stool. She was facing severe difficulties with her daughter, who would not listen to her, back answer her; and a physically handicapped son with many health problems. She was a divorcee and she felt that despite all her efforts nothing was working for her. She had even attempted suicide and was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
CHANGE IN LIFE : Any change in our life like change in occupation, house, relations or a change in our physical body – teething, puberty, menopause etc. can bring about difficulties due to lack of adjustment.
EMERGENCY OR FIRST AID REMEDY – RESCUE REMEDY : Any emergency like acute pain, injury, accidents, panic, burns, fracture, before medical aid arrives, the rescue remedy helps in comforting and supporting the body. It is worthwhile to have a bottle of this remedy in the house. RESCUE REMEDY

Research at Rutgers reveal interesting snap-shots as shown below :


BACH FLOWER THERAPIES are not used to change any persons nature but only to heal the mind and the body so that the harming effect of negative mental state is abolished.

A patient has to undergo a full LIFE interview which is done by Homeopathic Doctors wherein every aspect of human life is understood. Such a sensitive interaction is needed so that the emotions and feelings are properly understood.

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.
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